Daily Cleansing Tea

Daily Cleansing Tea

Daily Cleansing Tea dr wolfe

When you’re thinking about detoxing your liver, you should consider using the daily cleansing tea. This tea has been used by the Chinese since 250 BC, and is only now starting to become popular in Western countries.
daily cleansing tea has long been known as a digestion aid, in spite of its odd combination of bacteria and yeast that gives it a fungus-like appearance.

Because Daily Cleansing Tea helps the liver release more bodily waste by providing it with more glucuronic acide, it’s become regarded as a liver detox substance. Daily Cleansing Tea really helps your liver function more efficiently, and a healthier liver leads to a healthier life. By eliminating waste substances more rapidly, Daily Cleansing Tea also helps improve a person’s circulation.

Daily Cleansing Tea is grown, for the best results, in a colony.  It’s a source for many cultures, including organic acids, amino acids, anti-oxidants, and active enzymes. The tea contains several acids, and B-vitamins, but it’s the acetic acid that really gives the Daily Cleansing Tea its distinctive flavor.

For the most part, the original tea colony is kept in a jar of some sort so it can continue to grow. New layers of the culture grow right on top of the original. Make sure that the culture is light in color, and smooth – if it has an odd color or texture to it, there’s a good chance the the culture has been contaminated. You don’t want to try using this culture, as there’s a possibility of health risks associated with contaminated cultures.

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You definitely don’t want any kinds of mold growing on top of the culture. You should prepare your mixture with green or black tea and sugar. It’ll take one or two weeks for the process of making daily cleansing tea

to be completed. You can use bits of the culture to begin new colonies. The tea is then fermented with green or black tea and the living culture.

Because this tea is especially popular for liver detox processes, there are even several types of Daily Cleansing Tea available from retail stores. When you make a Daily Cleansing Tea purchase to grow your own cultures from, you want to make sure it comes from a reliable source. Organic tea is also the best choice when it comes right down to it.

Because so many people don’t actually know how Daily Cleansing Tea is made, they experience allergic reactions, jaundice, and stomach problems despite their best liver detox intentions. In these cases, it’s highly likely that the tea was not fermented correctly. You also need to know which pieces of cookware or crockery you use when you’re making this tea. Some pieces of ceramics use lead in their paint or glaze, which contaminates the tea. Make sure that you’re very aware of everything you’re using to make your Daily Cleansing Tea.

Aside from being a liver detox aid, Daily Cleansing Tea is also supposed to be very relaxing. Daily Cleansing Tea is just another alternative medicine remedy to help you relax. Consider trying a cup of daily cleansing tea today and experience the amazing health benefits it can give you!

Benefits of the Daily Cleansing Tea:

  • Rapid Excess Weight Loss
  • Elimination of Inflammation and Pain
  • Relief of Migraines and Headaches
  • Relief of Painful Periods & Menopausal Symptoms
  • Relief of Chest Pain and Heart Symptoms
  • Elimination of Parasites, Bad Bacteria and Fungus
  • Eliminate Irritability and Anxiety
  • Reduces Cravings and Allergies
  • Increases Oxygen and Energy levels
  • Restores a Healthy Sexual Drive
  • Improves Skin Conditions
  • Regulates Sleep Patterns
  • Helps In The Healing of Digestive Disorders
  • Helps Restore Liver, Kidney’s and Lymph Functions
  • Reduces The Toxic Load on all Body Systems – Keeping Your Immune Strong on a Daily Basis!

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