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9 Tips To burn more calories

9 Tips To burn more calories weight loss solution

Tips To Burn More Calories : Get our bodies the power of food and drinks to carry out essential functions, such as breathing, are taking place in the blood, and adjust levels of hormones, and growth and reform and other cells, through a process of chemical complex called metabolic syndrome. The number of calories consumed by the body in the case of comfort called a rate of metabolism grassroots. There are several factors that determine the rate of metabolic syndrome grassroots such as body size, age, sex.

60-75 % of calories burned daily consumed by the body in the performance of its functions, in addition to 10% are consumed in the process of generating calories through the digest, transfer, food storage. The remainder of the calorie intake must burn through the exercise of physical activity, in the absence of physical activity will store those calories in the form of fats in the body. According to the guidelines of 2010 US food needs are estimated daily calorie intake 1691-2157 calories .We do not have a lot of capacity to control the speed of the process of metabolism. But we have more to increase the number of calories burned through several means, including:

quickest way to burn calories

1- Exercise

Exercise is the most effective way to burn calories, such as cycling, hiking, swimming, etc., at least 30 minutes a day, you need to increase the exercise of physical activity if you want to lose weight.

2- alternative activities

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Stop the vehicle in a place far from your workplace or shopping place.
  • Exercise activities in the house garden.
  • Some of the household chores.
  • The practice of walking inside the office.

3- building muscles

exercise strong bloc because they develop muscle at the expense of the bloc fatty,because muscles Need More Calories consumption.

4- Replacement

replace Rice or pasta with a piece Bethlehem, fruits, vegetables high fiber content. The food needs to chewing more than, than, I mean, moving jaw muscles more. Therefore burning more calories.

5- Dinner

is not dinner late because the body will not take sufficient time metabolic digestion process.

6- Relax

stress pushes the body to produce more of the hormone corticosteroids,, which increases the currency calories to fat and stored. Therefore, we must take time to relax.

7- drink green tea and coffee

caffeine is activated, and stimulants help to increase the burn calories .caffeine may also cause changes in food representation in the body that could lead to more burning of calories.

8- Addressing more than a meal

in each time the erosion of small light meal, the digestive system starts digest food and absorb food items. I mean, energy consumption of calories of food, More Meals dealt with, I mean, More Calories burned.

9- sufficient sleep

Take a break enough sleep because it will improve the representation of food.

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